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Slogan Baby T Shirts

slogan baby t shirts

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slogan baby t shirts - Vittle Buddies

Vittle Buddies PP1012 Potato Pals Sweet with Boob Tube Baby T-Shirt Slogan

Vittle Buddies PP1012 Potato Pals Sweet with Boob Tube Baby T-Shirt Slogan

Welcome to the Potato Pals! Heaven knows we've all met a couch potato or two in our lives. Well how about a couch potato that has a little attitude, but doesn't spill beer on your fine furniturePotatoPals are a funny, irreverent look at the guilty pleasure of hanging out with your remote control and a bowl of chips. Do you have a couch potato with a sense of humor Potato Pals come in a variety of faces and personalities, wearing t-shirts with sayings like Couchabunga, Spud Stud, and Bite Me. Choose one of these funny guys and gals from fifteen different sayings.

88% (14)

St Benet's Abbey - Norfolk

St Benet's Abbey - Norfolk

Jesus Life editor, James Stacey talks to Mark Powley, co-founder of Breathe, a Christian network for simpler living.

Mark Powley is 35, and is associate rector of St George’s, Leeds, where he lives with his wife, Ailsa, and his four young children, Jonah, Zach, Nathan and Sophie. He co-founded Breathe in 2005 and wrote Consumer Detox in 2010.

Mark, tell me a bit about yourself and your background.

I grew up in Bury, near Manchester. My dad was a social worker who became a vicar; I got serious about God when I was a teenager.

Around that time, I also changed my diet, started running, avoided drinking - even coffee, let alone alcohol! I was a bit of a teenage Pharisee, really. But in it all, I grew a passion for justice and I saw that lifestyle change was important if you're going to follow Jesus.

At Nottingham University, I met my wife, Ailsa; we've been married 13 years in July and have four kids. I was a youth worker for a bit, then an R.E. teacher. After I trained in the ministry, we were in Croydon for three years, in Hammersmith for three and a half years, and now I'm a leader in a church here in Leeds.

How did Breathe get started?

At university, I was part of a prayer group in which God did some powerful things. Out of that quality of fellowship, came an important conversation which revolved around this question: when we’ve got money what are we going to do with it? We knew we needed to learn about sharing, about having a vision beyond being comfortable. We tried to face honestly the challenges of living as Christians in the UK’s consumer culture. We started sharing our budgets with each other, exploring real accountability. We wondered what had happened to the vision of simplicity set out, for instance, in Richard Foster’s book Freedom of Simplicity. “Who’s doing it now?” we asked.

I started to dream of a movement for simple living. But, as I often said to Ailsa, if there was such a movement, I wasn’t sure if I could be part of it – “I’m not good enough, I’m not living simply enough”. Then the thought came: what if the movement wasn’t for people who had “arrived” at a simple lifestyle, but for people who want to get there or at least want to start getting there, or even just wanted to ask the question, what does Christian simplicity look like?

I said to Ailsa, “We could call it ‘Choke’ because Jesus said our possessions choke us”. She said no-one would want to be part of something called ‘Choke’. She was right of course; we called it Breathe.

Within six months, a friend and I found ourselves at a Make Poverty History protest in Edinburgh, standing by a stall and inviting others to join Breathe.

And you had a slogan!

Yes. "Less stuff, more life." That was in 2005. We had about 100 people sign up on the day; now we have nearly 1,000 people on the e-mailing list and the blog gets plenty of interest. We produce e-newsletters, tell stories, give personal accounts, undermine adverts - we try to be creative and stir ideas and inspiration.

Undermine adverts?

Well, take the ticket sales company, They promoted travel breaks with the slogan “Life: book now.” Okay, it’s catchy and witty, but when you actually think about it, this slogan stinks. What if I can’t afford to book “life”? That must make me, what? Dead? And even if I do go away, this seven to fourteen day break is “life”. What if it rains when I get there? And when I return, what about the other fifty-odd weeks of the year? Are they non-life? The whole advert works on the lie that quality of life can be bought and sold – with the threat of “not living” hovering in the background.

So we started an “ad-watch” – critiquing adverts, unmasking their lies. It might not seem all that radical, compared to, say, living in an intentional community, but it starts where an awful lot of people are actually at.

It starts helping people question the consumer lie?

Christians are on a spectrum on this issue. It’s like a wedge. Some Christians, like some of you in the Jesus Army or Shane Claiborne, are on the radical edge, the thin edge of the wedge: they’re doing simple living and intentional community; it’s amazing and inspirational – though there’s the danger of superiority creeping in.

At the other extreme, there’s the “prosperity gospel” (the fat end of the wedge!)

Through Breathe, we’re after the mainstream, the middle people: interested, maybe passionate – but clueless. What does simplicity mean for them?

There can be a lot of defensiveness in this area – so we’ve tried to use humour; we’ve tried to be creative; we’ve tried to offer options and be gracious.

I guess there can be a tension between not wanting to be heavy and yet having something serious to say?

That was where we started six years ago. Actually, these days I'm seeing that you do have to require something of people; there's got to be challenge.

I sometimes worry about what I call "radicalism by proxy" - someone else does the radicalism o

In his hands...

In his hands...

is the belt I got. Lol at the "Dartboard" on the Halenstines bag. See intructions.

slogan baby t shirts

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