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How Do You Make Your Own T Shirts

how do you make your own t shirts

    t shirts
  • A short-sleeved casual top, generally made of cotton, having the shape of a T when spread out flat

  • (t-shirt) jersey: a close-fitting pullover shirt

  • A T-shirt (T shirt or tee) is a shirt which is pulled on over the head to cover most of a person's torso. A T-shirt is usually buttonless and collarless, with a round neck and short sleeves.

  • (T Shirt (album)) T Shirt is a 1976 album by Loudon Wainwright III. Unlike his earlier records, this (and the subsequent 'Final Exam') saw Wainwright adopt a full blown rock band (Slowtrain) - though there are acoustic songs on T-Shirt, including a talking blues.

    how do
  • (How does) a better "Vocabulary" help me?

  • "Willow's Song" is a ballad by American composer Paul Giovanni for the 1973 film The Wicker Man. It is adapted from a poem by George Peele, part of his play The Old Wives' Tale (printed 1595).

  • (How does) PowerGUARD™ Power Conditioning work?

  • The structure or composition of something

  • engage in; "make love, not war"; "make an effort"; "do research"; "do nothing"; "make revolution"

  • The making of electrical contact

  • The manufacturer or trade name of a particular product

  • brand: a recognizable kind; "there's a new brand of hero in the movies now"; "what make of car is that?"

  • give certain properties to something; "get someone mad"; "She made us look silly"; "He made a fool of himself at the meeting"; "Don't make this into a big deal"; "This invention will make you a millionaire"; "Make yourself clear"

how do you make your own t shirts - MANGROOMER Do-It-Yourself

MANGROOMER Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver

MANGROOMER Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Hair Shaver

MANGROOMER is "the essential do-it-yourself electric back hair shaver" for men. The unique patent pending design enables a man to remove unwanted back hair by himself in the privacy of his own home or while traveling. Every man should have the option to remove unwanted back hair easily by himself, privately, quickly, painlessly and inexpensively. MANGROOMER has a sleek, lightweight, compact design that folds flat for storage and travel and when needed opens easily and quickly for instant use. When the shaver is operated its unique patent pending design enables you to reach all areas of your back with ease. The handle is fully extendable and adjustable and locks into place at various lengths to reach even the most difficult middle and lower portions of the back for men of all sizes.

The Mangroomer Do-It-Yourself Electric Back Shaver is absolutely the best way to get rid of unwanted back hair. This one-of-a-kind device features a large 1.5-inch blade that enables you to shave larger areas of your back with ease. The Mangroomer's cutting-edge blade design delivers extremely close and smooth results without the potential of ingrown hairs that are commonly caused by straight edge and foil shavers. And with the unique patent-pending design, the Mangroomer opens to a staggering 135-degrees so you can reach all areas of your back from different angles with ease.

Rid yourself of unsightly, unwanted back hair without waxing, chemicals, laser, or electrolysis -- all from the comfort and privacy of your own home.
Why is the Mangroomer Right for You?

One time purchase with one low cost.
Easy to use, lightweight, and do-it-yourself.
Offers a fully extendable and adjustable handle that locks into place at various lengths to reach even the most difficult middle and lower portions of the back for men of all sizes.
Allows you to rid yourself of unwanted back hair in the privacy of your own home -- not some fancy or overpriced salon or spa.
Completely painless, unlike waxing, chemicals, laser, or electrolysis.
Folds into a neat, compact size for discreet storage or travel.
Shave your back whenever you feel you need it, and it is perfect for quick touch ups.
Mangroomer vs. Alternate Hair Removal Options
Before the Mangroomer, there were three hair removal options -- waxing, chemicals, and laser/electrolysis. Waxing is an effective way to remove hair, but it is incredibly painful. Waxing actually rips hairs right out of their follicles, violently removing them from your body. And since you certainly can't wax your own back, you'll need to make an appointment and pay someone to do apply the wax and rip it off your back with your hair.
Chemicals are also another viable option for hair removal, but it too comes with it's own set of cons. With chemical treatment there is a chance that skin irritation and scarring may occur, and similar to waxing, chemical treatment must be applied by someone else. Chemical treatments are also notorious for noxious fumes that make for an uncomfortable and embarrassing hair loss treatment.
The third treatment option, laser/electrolysis hair removal, is very expensive and, similar to the other treatment options, it cannot be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home. It requires multiple treatments and does not stop the growth of any new hair, plus it doesn't even guarantee that it will stop the hair growth of treated follicles. Combine these embarrassing option with expensive costs and you'll see why some many people are switching to the Mangroomer.

The Mangroomer folds out to whopping 135-degrees.

It is a breeze to reach those difficult, hairy lower-back areas.

The shaver even extends to tackle the hard-to-reach middle back.
Dispelling the Shaving Myth
Does shaving make your hair grow back thicker? Darker? Faster? According to a study from the Mayo Clinic the answer is no. In an article from Mayo Clinic dermatologist Lawrence Gibson, M.D. and his colleagues, the shaving myth is officially debunked: shaving hair doesn't make it grow back thicker. It also doesn't affect the color or rate of growth. The color, location, thickness and length of hair on your body mainly depends on genetics and hormones. After you shave body hair, it may feel coarse or stubbly for a time as it grows out. During this phase body hair may be more noticeable, and it may appear darker or thicker, but it's not. The Mayo Clinic article also stated that you should see your doctor if you have a sudden increase in facial or body hair.
How the Mangroomer Can Improve Your Life

Look and Feel Clean and Manicured -- Eliminating unsightly back hair presents a more refined, clean image to others.
Confidence -- Increase your confidence knowing that you are "back hair free" and no one will be staring or snickering at you, or get turned off by unsightly back hair.
Romance -- Start up that spark in your relationship or marriage by surprising your partner with a smooth, sexy back.
Muscle Definition -- Shaving the hair off your back shows your muscle definition in much greater detail. You'll simply look in better shape after using the Mangroomer.
Sweat -- Keep your back shaved clean and help keep your back dry with less sweat and less chance for body odor.
First Impressions -- As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Don't let back hair ruin the image you are trying to project.
Summer Essentials -- When your shirt is off this summer, no back hair is a big plus. Whether you're at the beach or a pool party, use the Mangroomer to avoid embarrassing, hairy-back jokes.
Avoid Embarrassing Public Treatment Options -- With the Mangroomer you can shave your back privately, easily, quickly, painlessly, and inexpensively by yourself, in the comfort of your own home.

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Tagged & 16 Thing-ed

Tagged & 16 Thing-ed

Tagged by Hpppylany & 16 Things requested by Dolls Ahoy.
Thanks to you two for the love & harrassment!

Being tagged is fun & quick.
16 Things took some time.

Set aside 5 minutes or so.
Get comfy.
Here goes.

1. Brushes w/ Fame.
Held a door open for Laurie Anderson at a Borders Bookstore. She didn't say thanks.
Held a Starbucks door for local resident MC Hammer. He said "thanks man" & was quite friendly. He held the door open for me a couple of years later at 7-11.

Got some interesting advice from a fave local DJ at career night in High School. Lori Thompson. She said "Don't become a DJ". I said "What?" She said "the benies suck and there's no retirement. Plus unless you have folks that will pay your way until you are in your mid 20's...forget about it". She also said that free records and concerts don't make up for lousy wages and hours. She then gave me a free copy of U2's Where the Streets Have No Name 12" LP. I was very close to going to broadcasting school until that conversation.

In 4th grade I went to my 1st Comic Con. I was completely and utterly shocked when I bumped into Checkov and he didn't speak in a russian accent! Then... get this ....he wouldn't sign my Star Trek Golden Key comic book! He said you have to pay for those in the Star Trek Room and stand in a long line. "Sorry kid" he said and then walked away in his denim shirt and brown corduroys.
Crushed and dejected by Star Trek people I turned my attention to Star Wars as my Science fiction of choice from then on!

2. Long beards are instant conversation starters.
I can be just about any place and someone will walk across the room to "BeardTalk".
Most common questions:
Does it itch?
How long did it take to grow?
Does your lady like it?
How do you wash that?
& my personal fave...
Want 5 dollars to go get yourself something to eat?

3. Jobs.
Paper Route. Arby's Roast Beef. Round Table Pizza. Kay Bee Toys. Wherehouse Record Store. Front Desk at a Comedy Traffic School.
20 Years w/ "the Phone Company".
Started a week out of high school as a 411 info operator.
I hate talking on the phone. Don't even have a cell.

4. Current Pet Peeve.
Seeing people throw their money on the counter even when the cashier has their hand out. Makes me want to slap people! I can totally remember how that makes you feel beneath the person paying. Be nice to each other. It's not that hard.

5. Current Unexplained Quirk.
When I get to the counter to pay....I always have to fight the urge to sneeze. Not sure why but it happens a lot.

6. Million Dollar Ideas.
Nerf Cars. No accidents would hurt. You could even drive off cliffs. Fender bender? More like Fender Bounce!

Had a dream about "ZICKEN".
Yes that's right.... zesty chicken is "ZICKEN".
In the dream I sold it to KFC and made big bank.
Ha! If only.

7. More Irony.
I dig Tiki...but I'm allergic to artificial colors. That pretty much ruins any really cool looking Tiki drink. Plus... I can not pull off the floral shirt look.

I can tell you where I was & who I was with when I heard any song.
Going way back.
But I can't remember where Dana told me to put the new bread knife we just got yesterday.

8. Won't wear my wedding ring.
It's a personal protest against married people who are up in arms about the sanctity of marriage. I say "Love the one you're with".

9. Food.
Someone has to tell me what something is before I can taste it.
Much hilarity in our kitchen throughout the years.

Chow to avoid upon being bearded.
Anything w/ peanut butter.
I once was at a kiddie party talking to one of the moms there. We were talking for a bit when she kept staring at my beard. It was uncomfortable. Turns out later I passed a mirror and there lo and behold was a bit of cake. Nice.
Now at parties I stick close to people I can trust.

10. Monkeys.
I like cartoon-y monkees. Not real ones. The ones in the zoo give me the willies. I always think they are going to turn around and say "what are you looking at Beardie?".
Planet of the Apes scares me.... for it's realism.

11. Late shift.
I work by myself at night in big noisy dark buildings w/ lots of moving machinery.
I had to stop watching scary movies. The imagination really comes out to play in this environment.

12. Music.
There is a large gaping hole in my heart where Tower Records used to be.
So much time spent there. Browsing. People would come up to me all the time and ask what section things were in. I always helped.

I am a recovered CD addict.
& before that it was LP's.

I've always enjoyed the B-side.
Usually more interesting than some of the albums tracks.
Some all time greats in no particular order:
Secret October - Duran Duran
New Day - The Cure
The Big Chair - Tears For Fears
Walk to the Water- U2
Sea of Sin - Depeche Mode
I Burn For You - The Police
You're No Good - Elvis Cost

Day 91 - Are you bored with life? Then throw yourself into some work you believe in with all your heart, live for it, die for it, and you will find happiness that you had thought could never be yours.

Day 91 - Are you bored with life? Then throw yourself into some work you believe in with all your heart, live for it, die for it, and you will find happiness that you had thought could never be yours.

I like how this turned out ^_^ Even though I had like, three different ideas for today. Actually, four.
Today was one of my best friend's last day in my school. It sucks so much to know that a guy I can tell everything to is leaving me and everyone else. I don't want him to go, but he has to. He has no choice. It's his mother's.
Other than that, it wasn't a too eventful day. We didn't have history =( I'm still getting compliments on my hair, haha. I don't mind ^^
Nothing too much to report....
But, today we were watching some gymnasts in gym class today, and every time I looked over, "Bob" was oggling over them. He never looked at me that way... Am I really that undesirable?

"I'm here again,
A thousand miles away from you.
A broken mess,
Just scattered pieces of who I am.
I tried so hard,
Thought I could do this on my own.
I've lost so much along the way.

Then I see your face,
I know I'm finally yours.
I find everything,
I thought I lost before.
You call my name,
I come to you in pieces,
So you can make me whole...

I've come undone,
But you make sense of who I am
Like puzzle pieces in your eyes...

And I see your face,
I know I'm finally yours,
I find everything,
I thought I lost before,
You call my name,
I come to you in pieces,
So you can make me whole...

I tried so hard, (so hard)
I tried so hard,.."

("Pieces" by Red) Good band ^_^

how do you make your own t shirts

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